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Introduction to Healthy Steps...

Meet Julia

My passion is to provide wellbeing solutions. I work with teams and individuals in groups or one-to-one.
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Helping you and your team to improve physical & mental wellbeing by reducing stress levels, lowering absenteeism and increasing their overall feeling of wellbeing and fulfilment.
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If the idea of fresh air, low impact, Aerobic movement, appeals to you, then Nordic Walking could be just the answer, plus, it is great for team building too!

How can I help?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Reducing absenteeism

Reducing stress and high blood pressure

Improving balance & strength



"My aim is to inspire you to make small changes to food and movement which will  have a huge impact on your Wellbeing."

Julia Mitchell

“I work in a department with constant deadlines, so it's really nice to take an hour out of my day and let my mind and body relax. Julia makes it very easy to follow, and she has a lovely soothing voice.”

- Jane Harrison,


“Thank you, that was lovely, I'm bad at relaxing, but feel genuinely calm right now!”

- Attendee from National Grid

“It was relaxing mentally while being physically beneficial!”

- Des Ponsonby,
Managing Director, Corporate Solutions

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Classes and Events

Corporate Experiences

If you would like to find out more about the Corporate Experiences that I can offer and how they can help the Wellbeing of you and your team, please click here

Nordic Walking

If you would like to find out more about the health benefits of Nordic walking and how to get started, please click here

Tai Chi Qigong

If you would like to find ways to reduce stress and fatigue or explore the other benefits of Tai Chi Qigong, please click here


If you are looking for a more Holistic approach to better health, either individually or for your team, please click here

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