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Tai Chi Qigong is the perfect wellbeing solution for the workplace. Absolutely everyone can get involved. All genders and all levels of mobility can enjoy the benefits of this amazing practice.
What is Tai Chi Qigong?


If you are looking for a way to relax and re-energise or maybe reduce high blood pressure and fatigue, Tai Chi could be the perfect solution. The movements are extremely slow and relaxing but also energising. It is almost a moving meditation. It can be performed standing or seated or a combination of both.

You don’t even have to get changed!


Applying the techniques and training that I have completed with Tai Chi for Health and the Shibashi Academy, I am able to bring this simple practice into the workplace for maximum impact.


 A 30 or 40 minute session in your lunch break, before work or after work will bring huge benefits, mentally and physically.

A typical session will include some daily Tai Chi Qigong warm up movements followed by a short Qigong sequence.

Corporate sessions start from just £120.

This is what our clients are saying;

I work in a department with constant deadlines, so it's really nice to take an hour out of my day and let my mind and body relax. Julia makes it very easy to follow, and she has a lovely soothing voice!

- Jane Harrison,


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Six Steps Qigong


This set is specifically designed to improve wellbeing as well as taking the body through a gentle detoxification process.


‘The 6 movements work and support each organ, in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, to help to improve efficiency. Lungs may breath deeper, the heart may beat under less stress, and the digestive system may function more efficiently. Other areas such as the reproductive system may become more balanced through all stages of the life cycle. Skin may begin to glow and the eyes sparkle.’


If you would like to find out more about Tai Chi Qigong and how it can help the wellbeing of you and your team, I would love you to get in touch.

It was relaxing mentally while being physically beneficial!

- Des Ponsonby,

Managing Director, Corporate Solutions

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Shibashi is a gentle, captivating and flowing Qigong routine giving you the ability to ‘just stop and breathe’, allowing your mind to ‘quieten’.


It has been shown to help:

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Boost your immune system

  • Help you to achieve a feeling of tranquility and harmony


Most of all it is relaxing and enjoyable and you will be learning something new.

Thank you, that was lovely, I'm bad at relaxing, but feel genuinely calm right now!

- Attendee from National Grid 

If you would like to find out more about Tai Chi Qigong and how it can help the wellbeing of you and your team, I would love you to get in touch.

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If you work for a charity or belong to an organisation such as the WI or Rotary, I have a range of solutions available for you too.

This might be a talk and demonstration ‘From IT to Tai Chi’; exploring how I discovered Tai Chi and the potential health benefits, followed by the  opportunity for everyone to join in.

Or, it could be a short course of sessions.

This is what Warwickshire Federation WI had to say about their recent Tai Chi Qigong course

Julia has now provided two Tai Chi courses for us, these were held on-line and were thoroughly enjoyed by our members.  The outdoor session we held last Autumn was also a great success. Members said that they felt much more relaxed after the sessions!

- Warwickshire WI  

You don’t have to be part of an organisation to enjoy the benefits of tai Chi Qigong. Find out more about our weekly sessions here:

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