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If the idea of fresh air, low impact, aerobic movement, appeals to you, then Nordic Walking could be just the answer, plus, it is great for team building too!
What is Nordic Walking?

Never heard of Nordic walking? Think cross trainer at the gym but in the fresh air! It’s a low impact, total body aerobic workout suitable for all.

A typical session will include warm up movements such as squats, lunges and shoulder mobility. This is followed by a demonstration of the 10 step INWA (International Nordic walking Association) technique. The steps are then broken down individually for attendees to join in.

Corporate sessions start from just £180 including use of the specially designed poles.

As well as being great fun, it’s a learning opportunity and requires, mind and body co-ordination!

You don’t need a huge area for a taster session to be possible and it usually lasts around 60 minutes.


Sessions start from just £10 per person including use of the specially designed poles (minimum and maximum number of attendees apply)

Nordic Walking enhances natural walking by using specially designed poles meaning that you are using your upper body as well as your legs.


It was originally developed in Finland by cross country skiers looking for a way to train during the summer.


Like all of the wellbeing solutions that I offer it really can be enjoyed by anyone who can walk, no matter what level of fitness you have.


Compared to ‘normal walking’, Nordic Walking can:

  • Burn around 20% more calories compared to walking without poles.

  • Release tension in your neck and shoulders.

  • Improve your posture and gait.

  • Strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.

  • Reduce the impact on your joints.


As well as Nordic Walking, we offer ‘Nordic Circuits’ for a fun cardio workout. Mixing the powerful movements of Nordic Walking with squats, lunges and much more. It is an amazing way to enjoy some time outdoors.


If you would like to find out more about our Nordic walking or Nordic circuit events, I would love to hear from you.

You don’t have to be part of an organisation to enjoy the benefits of Nordic walking. I also offer 1:2:1 and group sessions for individuals throughout Warwickshire and beyond.

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This is what our clients are saying;

I can really recommend Nordic walking with Julia. I can feel the benefit of learning to open up my chest and I’m breathing a lot more deeply. I can now keep up with my husband on hilly walks which I couldn’t do before!

Julia is very patient and shows you how to improve with practice. It is good fun and great to learn something new.

- Janet
Nordic walking client

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