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About Healthy Steps

Over the last 20 years I have learned how small, gradual changes can have a huge impact on health and wellbeing. I now share my knowledge and experience with individuals and corporates through a unique combination of online education, mindful movement and outdoor activities. I work with organisations  and individuals throughout Warwickshire and beyond.

My aims
To inspire and enable you to feel as well as you can possibly feel.

Julia's drive...

In 2000, I was a career driven IT Executive, thriving in the corporate environment, and prospering in a challenge driven industry.  Plus, I absolutely loved my job!


Then an unexpected health situation encouraged a change of direction, almost a choice between ‘health or wealth’.


I was diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) and told that my spine was fusing. At the time, most of my day was spent sitting down (either at a desk or in the car). I was told to consider a career where my days could be more flexible.


I decided to take control of my wellbeing and took the opportunity to retrain and begin a whole new career path in the floristry industry.

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Me Nordic walking.jpg
Julias Drive
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Julia Mitchell Triathalon


More health challenges presented in 2017 when I was told that I needed a full knee replacement.


I knew that I would not be able to continue with the business that I had built and the need for another change of direction was called for.

Adapting to new challenges, retraining, and helping people in a similar situation to the one I found myself in are powerful skills to have, and a joy to share.

My health is now better than I could ever have imagined.


In 2019, I even took part in two ‘Super Sprint Triathlons’ and I am looking forward to many more! 


Let's connect...

If you would like to find out more about ‘Wellbeing in your workplace’ and how Tai Chi, Nordic Walking or my ‘Easy steps to a healthier you’  webinars and presentations can help you and your team take their ‘Healthy Steps’, I would love you to get in touch.

Lets connec

This is what our clients are saying;

Julia has provided several Health & Wellbeing sessions for us over the last year and we have received positive feedback every time. She is extremely professional and provides clear information so that everyone feels welcome at the sessions. We would definitely recommend her.

- Laura Pickett,

PR and Communications Manager, Citizen Housing

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